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Each night of the week, students are expected to do a different activity to ensure that these words and the spelling principles they represent are mastered. Each night the Lay and Say Sort should be done and the nightly sort should be done at least twice. If a student is having problems with the words, more practice with the sort should be done.
  • Monday/ Tuesday - Cut out and Lay and Say the words.
    • Do a Brain-Storming Sort. Come up with four or five categories the words will fit in. use the meanings for the categories. No letter, sound, syllable, or VC categories. Write out each sort. 2-3x
  • Wednesday - Lay and Say the words. Write out the weekly sort.
    • (1) Do a Blind or No Peeking Sort. Write out the exemplars on a blank piece of paper or in a spelling book. The partner shuffles the word chips, and calls out each word without showing them. Student writes the words under the exemplars.

    • Or (2) Do a Word Hunt by looking for words that fit your spelling pattern in a book or magazine. Find as many words that fit the exemplars.
  • Thursday - Lay and Say the words.
    • (1) Do a Speed Sort. Write times down on first sort page. 4-5x
    • Or (2) Do a Quiz my Partner to prepare for the test on Friday. Have a partner read the words and the student spells them out loud. If a word is misspelled, the partner will spell the word correctly and the student will respell the word out loud. Have your partner repeat words that you misspelled for you to try again. Write the words after Quiz my Partner is done.

These are the sorting activities you can use during the year. If you want, you can print them off and use them as book marks. How Fun!
- Teacher Directed, Speed Sort, Brainstorm, Blind Sort
- Word Hunt, Student Choice, Guess My Category, Repeated Individual

Lay and Say Sort

Speed Sort

Blind Sort