What is matter? Matter is everything that is around you. It has atoms and molecules and mass. Matter comes in three different states: solids, liquids, and gases. During this unit, you will develop a better understanding of matter and why it matters through lessons and experiments.


Students will understand that physical and chemical changes occur in matter by:
*describing that matter is neither created nor destroyed even though it may undergo change.
*evaluating evidence that indicates a physical change has occurred.
*investigating evidence that matter has changed in a chemical reaction.

Assignments to Complete

You are responsible for:
  • Participate in project and experiment activities.
  • Complete all assignments given during class and as homework.
  • On a discussion page, tell what you learned about matter.

Discussion Assignment

  • Click on the Discussion Tab.
  • Write at least three sentences about each of the three classes you went to for Matter. Make sure you put your name on the message.
  • Write a comment about another student’s discussion topic.


  • Introduction of Unit and First Activity: Monday
  • Rotate Second Activity: Tuesday
  • Rotate Third Activity: Thursday
  • Review Concepts Activity: Monday
  • Review and Test: Tuesday

Vocabulary students should know

Chemical change, dissolve, gas, heat, liquid, matter, physical change, product, reactants, solid, substance, weight

Materials needed for this project

  • Science notebooks
  • Pencil boxes (colored pencils, scissors, etc.)

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