The Earth’s surface is constantly changing. Some changes happen very slowly over long periods of time, such as weathering, erosion, and uplift. Other changes happen abruptly, such as landslides, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. All around us, we see the visible effects of the building up and breaking down of the Earth’s surface.


Students will understand that volcanoes, earthquakes, uplift, weathering, and erosion reshape the Earth's surface by:
*describing and exlaining how weathering and erosion change Earth's surface.
*describing how the building up and breaking down of the Earth's surface over time creates the various physical land features.

Assignments to Complete

You are responsible for:
  • Participate in project and experiment activities.
  • Complete all assignments given during class and as homework.
  • On a discussion page, tell what you learned about matter.

Discussion Assignment

  • Click on the Discussion Tab.
  • Complete your assignment. Make sure you put your name on the message.
  • Make a comment about another student’s discussion topic.


  • Introduction of Unit and First Activity: Monday
  • Rotate Second Activity: Tuesday
  • Rotate Third Activity: Thursday
  • Review Concepts Activity: Monday
  • Review and Test: Tuesday

Vocabulary students should know

earthquakes, erode, erosion, faults, uplift, volcanoes, weathering, buttes, arches, glaciers, geological, deposition

Materials needed for this project

  • Science notebooks
  • Pencil boxes (colored pencils, scissors, etc.)

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