Honor Project


Students will simulate a Native American custom that will help them journey from youth to adulthood. After learning about Industry, Truth, and Courage through tribal legends, each student will go on a stray. They will complete challenges (assignments) and make survival choices (Fate Cards). After their stray they will come back to the village and tell about their stray and how it related to Industry, Truth, or Courage.


This activity promotes respect for native cultures and helps the student experience the following:
  • The meaning of Honor.
  • An awareness of the personal challenge in striving to survive as an individual.
  • Meeting and responding to challenges.
  • Recording events in a daily log.
  • Writing clear, complete sentences in a consistent order.

Completing your Challenges Each Day

  • Write out your Fate Card Information on your Action Sheet.
  • Click on the discussion tab on the Honor Project Wikipage.
  • In the Subject line type the day and your Camp Name.
  • In the message type in your assignment from the Action Sheet.
  • When you are done, Click post and you are done. Congratulations.


Start of Honor: Tuesday, Sept. 23
Naming Ceremony: Thursday, Sept. 25
Start Stray: Thursday, Sept. 25
Day 2: Tuesday, Sept 30
Day 3: Thursday, Oct. 2
Day 4: Tuesday, Oct. 7
Day 5: Thursday, Oct. 9
Day 6: Tuesday, Oct. 14
Return from Stray: Wednesday, Oct. 15
Honor Ceremony: Wednesday, Oct. 15


Honor is an Interact Company Simulation
Download Action Sheet external image pdf.png [[file/view/Action Sheet.pdf|Action Sheet.pdf]]