Are you ready for some fun? The Dahl Factor is your ticket to exciting, gross, disgusting, awfully good fun. Read through the rules below and see if you are up to the challenge. This is optional. No student will be forced to do anything they do not want to.

Rules & Regulations

1. Students will have the opportunity to compete in three events each day for the “Dahl Factor” competition. Each event must be completed to move onto the next event.
2. The three parts of the event will be:
a. A reading assignment from a Roald Dahl novel to be completed at home each night for the next day’s activity. The assignment will be no longer than 3 chapters of reading.
b. A writing assignment about the previous night’s reading assignment to be completed at school the following day. Complete answers will be required and graded by teachers according to the Rubric given to each student competing.
c. A challenge to complete at school (eating or drinking a Dahl food). Food will come from the Roald Dahl book that is read by each competing student. They will then eat the food they read about.
3. Upon completing each event, you will need to write about your "adventure" in the discussion before the next days challenge.
4. Any student failing to complete one of the activities will be disqualified from the rest of the events.
5. The winners of all five events will compete in one final competition to win bragging rights and become the winner(s) of the “Dahl Factor”

Monday - Challenge One:
Reading from the book...

Tuesday - Challenge Two:
Reading from the book....

Wednesday - Challenge Three:
Reading from the book....

Thursday - Challenge Four:
Reading from the book....

Friday - Challenge Five:
Reading from the book....