What caused the conflict in the United States prior to 1860?

What factors affected the course of the Civil War?

What impact did the Civil War have on the people?

How did the United States change after the Civil War?


Students will learn the sequence and significance of the Civil War Era. As the nation expanded, issues of states rights, the institution of slavery, and economic development culminated in a Civil War. This war formally ended slavery and strengthened the power of the Federal government. The era after the Civil War was a time of major economic development and technological innovation. They will also learn what happened after the Civil War and the reconstruction of the Nation.


This activity will help students understand the chronology and significance of the Civil War by:
  • Reading about the events an comparing differences that led up the the Civil War in the book "The Civil War". (SS 4.2)
  • Using maps to analyze the the events and timeline of the Civil War. (SS4.2)
  • Reading stories from the book We Were There Too! by Phillip Hoose. (SS 4.3)
  • Looking at the responses to the political and social conflicts between the North and South. (SS4.2)

Assignments to Complete

You are responsible for:
  • Reading the book "The Civil War" with the class and completing the organizers.
  • Reading an assigned story and discussing it with a small group.
  • Memorizing the "Gettysburg Address".
  • On the discussion page, tell what you learned about the Civil War.
Your team is responsible for:
  • Rally Robin with your team about the story readings.
  • Discuss findings with the class.
The class is responsible for:
  • Completing all graphic organizers during class reading.
  • On a discussion page, tell what you learned about the Civil War.
Discussion Assignment
  • Click on the Discussion Tab
  • Complete your assignment. Don't forget to type your name on the message.
  • Make a comment on another student's discussion topic.
  1. Write about what events led up to the start of the Civil War. Name it "Before the War"
  2. Write about slavery before the Civil War. Include information about the Underground Railroad and Quilts. Name it "Escape".
  3. Write about the person you read about in "Bull Run". What happened to them? How did they feel about the war in the beginning? How did they feel about the war in the end? What did you learn? Tell something interesting you learned about one other person in "Bull Run".


  • Civil War Introduction and Mapping: Tuesday
  • Before the War Reading Activity: Thursday
  • Underground Railroad Reading Activity: Monday
  • Class Quilting Activity: Tuesday
  • Call to Arms Reading Activity: Thursday
  • Bull Run Reading Activity: Monday
  • Article Reading Activity: Tuesday
  • Learning the Battles & Mapping Activity: Thursday
  • Gettysburg Address Activity: Monday
  • Timeline of the Civil War, Review & Testing: Tuesday

Vocabulary students should know:

abolition, artillery, blockade, cavalry, Civil War, compromise, emancipation, infantry, militia, ration, reconciliation, secede, siege, Underground Railroad,

Materials needed for this project

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