How did the American Revolution effect the people of Colonial America?

What were the major causes of the American Revolution?

What were the reasons for writing the Declaration of Independence?

What are the fundamental concepts expressed in the Declaration of Independence?


Students will learn the sequence and significance that led up to the American Revolution. Students will read the Declaration of Independence and understand what was happening that led the Founding Fathers to start the revolution. Students will also read stories about kids during the revolution. After reading about the kids, they will discuss in teams what they read and present it to the class. They will also learn what happened after the revolution and the building of our nation.


This activity will help students understand the chronology and significance of the events that led to self-government by:
  • Reading about the events that led up the the American Revolution in the book "George vs. George. (SS 2.1, SS 2.2)
  • Using maps to analyze the the events and timeline of the American Revolution. (SS2.1, SS2.2)
  • Reading stories from the book We Were There Too! by Phillip Hoose. (SS 2.2)
  • Looking at and studying the Declaration of Independence and other primary documents to learn about their content and purpose. (SS2.1)
  • Complete a project where the students take a role of a person at the time of the revolution and discuss with others how they feel about what was happening at the time. (SS 1.2)
  • Signing the Declaration of Independence (SS 1.1)

Assignments to Complete

You are responsible for:
  • Reading the book "George vs. George" with the class and completing the organizers.
  • Reading an assigned story and discussing it with a small group.
  • On a discussion page, tell what you learned about the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence.
Your team is responsible for:
The class is responsible for:
  • On a discussion page, tell what you learned about the American Revolution.
Discussion Assignment
  • Click on the Discussion Tab
  • Complete your assignment. Don't forget to type your name on the message.
  • Make a comment on another student's discussion topic.

Discussion One
  • In the Subject write "Life Comparison-your name". In the message, compare King George and George Washington and compare England and British America. Tell what was similar and different about them. Tell the most interesting and important things about them.
Discussion Two
  • In the Subject... write "Declaration-Name". In the message, tell me what the Declaration says (give me a summary-Preamble, Complaints. What we did, declaring Independence). Tell also if you would have signed the Declaration and why, or why not. Add any interesting info about what you learned.


  • Introduction and U.S. War Timeline: Thursday
  • Life Comparison & Government Comparison Activity: Thursday
  • Revolution Sequence Activity: Monday
  • Revolution Sequence & Mapping Activity: Tuesday
  • American Revolution Project: Thursday
  • Team Reading Activity: Monday
  • Declaration of Independence Activity: Tuesday
  • Declaration of Independence Activity: Thursday
  • Learning the Battles Activity: Monday
  • Learning the Battles Activity & Review: Tuesday
  • Class Review & Testing: Thursday

Vocabulary students should know:

revolution, independence, declaration, self-rule

Materials needed for this project

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Do You Want to Learn More?

  • Click on the Our History Atlas Online and read more in the Links section of Colonial America. Don't forget the username and Password above.
  • Click on this link to visit the Declaration of Independence and take an interactive tour.